Why Customer Reviews

By: Bruce Eckman | Wed, Dec 4, 2019

Customer reviews are critical to growing your business!

* Local Consumer Review Survey 2018 – Bright Local

Where Do You Need Customer Reviews?

The most important place you need reviews is Google My Business. You should know how many reviews you have and compare to how many reviews your competitors have on Google. If possible it would be best to have more reviews and higher ratings than your competitors.

The second most important place to have reviews is on FaceBook. Again, it is important to know how many reviews you have and compare them to the number and quality of your competition.

The third most important place to have reviews is on your website. If your using wordpress you may want to consider installing a reviews plugin.

There are many other places your customers can leave reviews but we recommend focusing your efforts on these three.

How Do You Get Reviews?

ASK!!! After each job or sale ask the customer if they were happy. If they are happy, ask them to leave a review. Make it easy for them by providing them the address of where they can leave a review. Follow up with an email.

If your not already using our EZ-Reviews package, you may want to check it out. EZ-Reviews helps to make the process easy! Customers are happy. You’re happy. And, your business grows!

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