Website Emails Going to Spam? Try using a SMTP Plugin

By: Steven Monson | Fri, Dec 18, 2020

Are your website emails going into people’s spam?  If so, there are actually a bunch of things you should consider including your email subjects, and email volume.

But if you know you aren’t sending spam, and you need to fix the issue, consider using an SMTP plugin.

Note: Make sure you aren’t actually sending spam first.  If your website is actually sending out spam, using a SMTP plugin won’t help you.  In fact, it might get your actual email account black-listed (which would leave you worse off than you were before).  But if you know you aren’t sending out spam this should help!

Install a SMTP Plugin

WP Mail SMTP by WPForms logo.Install a plugin like “WP Mail SMTP by WPForms”.

1. Log into your WordPress account

2. Click Plugins > Add New

3. Type “WP Mail SMTP by WPForms” in the search. Click Install.

Setup the SMTP

where to click to find the plugin.1. After installing the plugin click “WP Mail SMTP” in the left navigation.

2. Put in the email address you want to use to deliver the emails.

3. Choose the “Mailer”.  If you want to use something other than a gmail (or another option show above) choose “Other SMTP”.

The Settings for ez-nettools account.

4. If using an EZ-NetTools email address fill it out as follows…

SMTP Host:

Encryption: None

SMTP Port: 587

Auto TLS: On

Authentication: On

SMTP Username: this will be an account number followed by a lower case letter.  For example: x23567c

Password: (whatever your email password is)

5. Click “Save Settings” button.

Send a Test Email

instruction image showing how to test the email.

  1. Click the “Email Test” tab.
  2. Type in the email address you want to send to. (Try a different email than the sender email).
  3. Click “Send Email“.

If the email comes through, then you’re all set!


If the email doesn’t come through, it is likely that one of the settings is incorrect. Check the settings to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes.  Cross check your password on EZ-OnlineMail to make sure your password is what you thought it was (you’d be surprised how many people type their passwords wrong).

If you really can’t get it working, you might consider using a different mailer or email address.  However, the above settings should work for EZ-NetTools email addresses.


Settings for Plesk Email

If your email is hosted on our Plesk server use the following settings…

SMTP Host: (put in your domain name)

Encryption: None

SMTP Port: 25

Auto TLS: On

Authentication: On

SMTP Username: (put in your email address)

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