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By: Administrator | Tue, Jul 1, 2014

Many online marketers try to boost exposure of their social presence. This makes sense because search has evolved and social SEO is becoming more and more important. On-site optimization is essential in social SEO. To help create better exposure for your social presence in the search, here are some on-site optimization you can apply:

Link your website to your social media assets

This can be done by adding proper social networking buttons to your website. It is best to add each button on every social platform that you have to your website and landing pages. The advantage of doing this is that you allow your audience to go directly to your social channels no matter where they are on your website.

Make sure social buttons open in a new window.

While these social icons link directly to their corresponding page, you do not want to send people away from your main website. Opening the social buttons in new window will allow people to return to your website easily.

Link your blog to your Google+ profile

If your website includes blog, connect your blog to your Google+ profile to make your content stand out in the search results. This will make your profile image appear next to your content in the search results.

Maximize connections by adding a call to action.

A simple encouraging note such as “Follow Us” in your social profile icons can influence people to do so. Adding a simple call to action can increase the usage of your social profile icons.

Add share buttons at the end of every piece of content

Whether it is a new article or a new video or anything that you want to share to your audience, allow them to share it. Let your audience help you spread your business. However, do not overwhelm visitors with too many share buttons. Putting too many options for users will confuse and overwhelm them.

Include a few “Must Haves.”

Every business getting into the social media world should participate in these influential social outlets: Google+, Facebook, Twitter , and YouTube. These platforms have strong influence driving search engine rankings and building good natural links.

Build a community through message boards.

Use message boards for discussion and communication. This is where people come together and share their personal experiences. Eventually, as users continue to return and engage in dialogue, the message board develops into an online community. Beyond that, you can maximize message boards to your advantage as you mine important insight that can help improve your business and satisfy your audience.

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