The Role of Design in Increasing Your Conversion Rates

By: Administrator | Wed, Nov 12, 2014

Design influences conversions. Good design directs users through the site and makes it easy to find what they need.


Ever heard a website described as “clean”?  Clean websites feel clean because they are well designed.  Every element has a place and looks like it belongs there.  Each element is given room to breath.  Things aren’t crammed too close together.

Cluttered websites tend to put lots of things close together without much thought given to what is priority.

Here are a few tips to make your website feel cleaner:

  • Decide what is most important.  Make that the most dominant thing on the page. Everything else should be subordinate.
  • Use padding to put space between elements.
  • Use one clear “call to action”
  • Don’t try to say too much.

Irresistible Calls to Actions

A boring blue “click here” link is not terribly inviting. “Click here” is a hangover from the 1990’s when people needed to be told something was clickable.  If your button is clearly a button, replace “Click here” with something more descriptive. “Learn more” “Sign Up”  “Start Saving”, or “Become a Member” describes what you’re doing.

Make your links clearly clickable and inviting with CSS!  Using CSS code can make your buttons beautiful and interactive.
CSS Button (Mini Tutorial)
In EZ-PageBuilder…

1. Add a Title block.

2. Type button text

3. Add a URL

4. Type “button1” in CSS Class

5. Push Submit.

6. Click File > Page Options

7. Inside the box labeled Head Code add the following CSS:

.button1 a{
color: darkred;
background: gold;
padding: 8px;

8. Push submit and save your work.

The result will look like this: Learn More  This is a very simple example. On the right are more elaborate examples of CSS powered buttons.
Want to learn more?
Go to to get the code for these and other CSS buttons.

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