Staying ahead of the Pack with Google Alerts

By: Administrator | Wed, Nov 12, 2014

Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is not a marketing tool. It’s a research tool. It’s a way to stay current on topics you’re interested in. Google Alerts finds the most relevant, up-to-date articles, blog posts, and other content (on a given subject) and sends them to you in an email or RSS feed.
Let’s say you were deeply interested in a recent news story or industry . You could type “Ukraine Crisis” or “3D Printing” and get daily updates whenever a news article is written about the subject.

How can using Google Alerts help my website?

Finding recent blog posts and news articles not only keeps you current in your industry, it also gives you a platform to comment, build credibility and even promote your business!
Please, don’t be a spammer! Going into random news articles and telling everyone how you “make thousands of dollars by sitting at home” is not the kind of comments we’re talking about.
Try to write comments that add to the conversation. Include links that are closely related to the article. If you have your own blog and have written about the same subject, then it may be appropriate
to link to your own article. The idea is to participate and build credibility.
By finding recent articles that are closely related to your industry
or things you’ve written about, you have the opportunity to find
specific target markets.
You can set up alerts for your competitors’ name, keywords you’re
using, industry trends, and even your own name.

The Goal

The information Google Alerts delivers to you can give you the opportunity
to be the first commenter on different blogs, which is a
good position to be. It also gives you the opportunity to build relationships
with people that are doing the same thing you are, which
is a good thing for ranking as well as networking purposes.
You can benefit from finding relevant content on high traffic blogs
once they are published, and this is where Google Alerts service
works for you. The point of using this free service is to get fresh
expert content into your inbox daily and replicate it to drive traffic
to your website.

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