What To Expect From a Website Redesign

By: Steven Monson | Tue, Oct 8, 2019

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You’ve known for a while, you need a new website.

Your current website is outdated.  It has… issues.

A well-made redesign could grow your company, and make your life easier.

But you keep putting it off…

Website Redesign... Where do I even start?

Perhaps you are unsure how to begin, or perhaps you’re not sure it will provide a return on your investment.

In this article, we will explain how to pick a good web designer, what to expect during the process, how much it will cost, and more.

1. Talking With A Designer

Before starting a redesign, it’s important to talk with a designer.

This will accomplish a few things…

  1. Observe the designer’s personality.  Everyone is different. Some web designers are easy-going and helpful.  Some are bold and insightful.  Some are abrasive. Talking with the designer ensures that your personalities will mesh.
  2. Establish project scope.  The size and complexity of a website is it’s project scope.  Some websites are simple (a few pages, that explain essential information).  Other may be large, and other are complex.
  3. Find a direction and ideas.  As you discuss your needs the designer and suggest ideas you may not have thought about.
  4. Answer your questions.  When you start a new website, you’ll probably have questions.  The more you know, the less scary it will be.

Don’t Put Off the First Conversation

Some people assume they need to have everything figured out before calling.  But talking to the designer, can actually save you a lot of time.  You’ll waste less time on the wrong tasks, and be directed toward the most essential tasks.

2. Getting A Bid

Once the size of the project is established, your designer will send you a bid.  The bid will give you a price for the intended website.

So, How Much Does A Website Cost?

Like so many things in life, the answer is “It depends”.  But since that isn’t very helpful, dig a little deeper.  In the world at large, a website could cost anywhere from $50 to $100,000.

Graph showing price extream ranges from $50 to $100,000

Fortune 500 companies frequently spend upwards of $100,000.  These websites often include an enormous amount of user testing, and custom programming.

On the other extreme, your 13 year-old neighbor might make you a website for $50.  It probably won’t be great, but it will be… something.

What’s a Reasonable Price for a Small Business?

Every company  set it’s own set of prices, and most don’t publish those prices.

Since it’s impossible to cover everyone, we’ll talk about the common prices ranges at EZ-NetTools.  The following ranges won’t cover every situation, but 90% of the bids sent out from EZ-NetTools fall within the ranges below…

Custom Redesigns – $1000-$3000

A custom design, is the premium product, and results in a polished final product. There is a greater emphasis on customization the layout and design.

Time to completion: 2-4 weeks (typical)

Is it right for me? Do you need your website to look a specific way?  Do you want more input on the final design?  Are the details important to you?  If so, Custom is your best bet.

Template Redesigns – $500-$1500

Template redesigns are a great way to get your website mobile-friendly and secure for less money.  Costs are kept down putting your content into an existing template.  The result is still a nice-looking website, but there is less time allotted for customization.

Time to completion: 1-2 weeks (typical)

Is it right for me?  Are you on a tight budget?  Are you on a time crunch? Do you need a clean functional website, but not too concerned about the details?  If so, Template is for you.

DIY Trainings – $90

If you need a website, but don’t want to waste hours figuring out everything yourself.  You can sign up for  a one-on-one training session.  We’ll show you have to get started.  How to make pages, suggest useful plugins, and teach you how to use them.

Time to completion: really depends on you.

Is it right for me?  Are you willing to make the website yourself?  Do you learn better from real people than reading articles?

3. Design Phase (Custom Design Only)

If you choose to do a custom design, your designer will talk with you in detail about what you want.  He’ll ask you about your goals, and websites you like.  Then, he’ll send you an preview image of what the website will look like.

You’ll be given a chance to request revisions, and get updated previews.

Once you’re happy with the design, you’ll send your approval, and the designer will begin building the actual website.

4. Build Phase

The build phase is where the actual website is created, with all it’s pages and features.

After a few days, you’ll be sent a link.

The site may not be completely finished at this stage, but it will be close enough for you to review the existing content, and ask for changes where needed.

5. Going Live

During the redesign phase, your current website will continue to run, uninterrupted.

Once the new website is ready (and you give your approval) we’ll point your domain name at the new website, and it will be live!

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