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By: Administrator | Wed, Sep 5, 2018

Google My Business has three large areas of focus: How relevant your business is to the search, the distance your business is from a searchers location, and it’s prominence. These all contribute greatly to your ranking but Google reviews are what really can make or break a potential customer choosing your business.

When someone looks up a service, restaurant, store, etc. online, a Google My Business Box will show the top three businesses that fit what you searched (This box is also known as the local pack).

Usually, if someone is searching the options near them then they haven’t decided on a business yet.

Your business location has the greatest pull on what will show up in the local pack, but it isn’t the only thing that matters.

This is where those Google reviews come into play. Google will usually narrow the results to those top three for you, but if someone wants to see more of the options, they can.

This is why it is essential to be ranked among the top three businesses in an area so your business will be seen by more people.

As the potential customer looks at these options they will most likely read through some of the reviews to see if they like the sound of the business or product.

If they see lots of good reviews then they will most likely make a choice right then and there. If they see a few good reviews and a few bad reviews they will probably dig a little deeper and see why things aren’t so clear. If they see a lot of bad reviews then your business will be skipped over almost immediately if there are other better options.

It isn’t rocket science but it requires dedication to keep your business on top and continually receiving good reviews.


A business will also receive stars after having 5 or more reviews. Stars are good because they make your business seem more trustworthy than competitors who have none.

This idea of a business being more trustworthy or better because of its reviews or stars is an idea that is generally accepted by everyone who Googles businesses or services.

Just because a business receives a few bad reviews does not mean it will be skipped over by the majority of searchers.

Getting a few bad reviews can even be a good thing if the business owner takes action.

  • The first thing any business owner should do is check Google My Business daily and respond to every review, whether it be good or bad. Good response time shows to past and potential customers that you are professional and care.
  • Second, report any reviews that you may think are fake but still be sure to respond to that review. Sometimes a fake review may not be deleted by Google so showing good response time is essential.
  • Third, apologize to the customer even if you did absolutely nothing wrong. People like to see humility and if you apologize and try to make things right then people will trust your business.

Google now also features the ability for a customer to change their review. If you offer to replace, redo, or reservice whatever it was you did for that customer, you can ask them if they would like to rerate them on Google. If they do, great! If they don’t, like we said earlier it won’t be the end of the world.

Is Getting Reviews Difficult For You?

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