Facebook Ads and Boosting Posts

By: Administrator | Wed, Aug 29, 2018

Facebook Advertising

Over two billion people use Facebook every month. This makes advertising on Facebook a great and affordable way to gain more customers for your business or website.

Facebook has two ways of advertising: Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts. Many people wonder what the difference is between a Boosted Post and an Ad on Facebook.

Some claim that Ads is the only way to advertise on Facebook. Others claim Boosting Posts is the same thing as running Ads. Both are wrong, it all depends on what you are trying to do.

Boosted Posts

boost postBoosted posts are the simplest and quickest way to advertise on Facebook. When you make a post on your Facebook page, you have probably seen the button that says “Boost Post” as an option on your post (see image on right).

Boosted posts are a great way to get more likes, shares, or comments. It also is a good way to reach people who would be interested in the content you post.

What Can You Do On a Boosted Post?

  • Targeting – You can target who sees your post by location, gender, age, interest, and other demographics. You can also exclude people from certain demographics if you so choose.
  • Placements – Boosted posts can show up on Desktop NewsFeeds, Mobile, NewsFeeds, and on Instagram.
  • Personalized Budgeting – You get to choose how much you spend on your post. You can choose a preset amount or choose your own. The only requirement is that you spend at least $1 per day.
  • Schedules – You choose for how long your ad will run as long as at least $1 of your budget is spent per day.
  • Facebook Insights – After you have run a boosted post, you can see how many people you reached, their gender, age, etc. It is a great way to collect data on how your post did and what types of people it reached.

Facebook Ads: What Makes Them Different?

Facebook Ads are the best option in most cases for advertising on Facebook. It is made to be a more in-depth style of advertising on Facebook. It is more versatile and specific than Boosting a Post.

Facebook Ads are more visual. You have the opportunity in an Ad to include more images in different types of views.

One type is the multi-product ad. You have most likely seen this on your own news feed. You will see a product and you can swipe to the side to see more similar products with different captions.It gives more opportunities to show off more products instead of just having one image and one caption like a boosted post.

Relevance is the key to any ad. Facebook Ads will pick who to show ads to based on a users Page likes, posts, and ads they have clicked on in the past.

This is a step up from boosted posts which tend to mostly target simple demographics like age, gender, and location.

Objective based targeting is another feature of Ads that boosted posts don’t have. You can focus on things like gaining more brand awareness or traffic along with getting more video views or page likes.

There are many options for you to choose from to help you achieve your goal. You are able to choose an objective along with the normal targeting features in addition to picking possible interests or behaviors as an additional feature of targeting on Ads.

By having more specific targeting, you are more likely to market to those who will really buy your product or service.

After the ad is created, your ad enters into the Facebook’s Ad Auction. The ad auction is based on three factors: Bid, Estimated Action Rates, and Ad quality and relevance.

The best thing about this is that your ad won’t appear less than another just because your bid is less.

Facebook Ads uses individual user interests and histories to show them the ad that would best suit them. This is why many times on your personal Facebook you see ads that are similar to things you have searched for or are interested in.

Need Help?

To sum it all up, Facebook Ads give you a much better targeting system and designing system for advertising. Your ads will be marketed to the most relevant audience.

Boosted Posts are good at simply getting your post out to whatever types of people you would like to see it.

If this seems overwhelming to you, see if our Facebook Advertising Service would be a good fit for you and your business.

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