Export EZ-NetTools Catalog to WordPress

By: Steven Monson | Wed, Feb 21, 2018

Brief Overview

Export and Optimize CSV File for WooCommerce

1. Download catalog CSV file from EZ-NetTools

2. Download EZtoWP.zip

3. Unzip the file and open EZtoWP.exe

4. Run your catalog.csv file through the optimizer.

Import Into WordPress

1. Install WooCommerce plugin

2. Install WP All Import, and the WP All import WooCommerce Extension (may require purchase).

3. Use the Import plugin to import your catalog csv file.

4. Use this settings file , no updated configuration file to automatically set most of the settings.


Using EZtoWP

Download EZtoWP.zip and unzip the file. Download newest version here.

Open EZtoWP.exe.  It may give you a warning.

If you see this warning, click “more info” and then click “run anway“.  This should be fixed in the future, but for now this is needed.

1. Click Browse and file your catalog.csv file.

2. Click Optimize for WordPress

3. When done, click Show in Folder to view your file.





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