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By: Administrator | Fri, Aug 15, 2014


US Browser Usage – August, 2014

  1. Chrome: 32.8%
  2. Internet Explorer: 30.3%
  3. FireFox: 14.8%
  4. Safari: 16.3%
  5. 360 Safe Browser: 2.35%
  6. Other: 3.6%

A website should work in every browsers, but some older browsers (like Intenet Explorer 8 and below) don’t support modern features. Web developers often employ ‘fallbacks’ for older browsers. If you visit this page in IE8 you will see an static image instead of a dynamic graph.

IE8 current accounts for 6.27% of internet traffic. This will continue to shrink, but in the mean time a fallback is used to make sure old browsers still see a chart.

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