Small Businesses and Facebook in 2020

By: Jason Dotson | Wed, May 6, 2020

Facebook Pages Aren’t The Same…


As they were 10 years ago, anyway. Small businesses will find that simply posting and engaging with their userbase won’t be enough to go viral. Small businesses who post to their Facebook page every day, respond to every comment they receive and optimize their images and URL WILL NOT guarantee their success.

If one is scrolling through Facebook in January and comes across a business page with 99 likes, even if they do everything that’s been previously mentioned, there’s a good chance that such a page will end the year with 99 likes.

Consistency is still crucial to a page’s success, but it’s become the standard. Posting on a regular basis isn’t enough to build an audience on Facebook anymore.


Why post at all?


Posting regularly may not be able to grow one’s digital footprint as it once had, but it’s still very much essential in maintaining a business. Even if a business’s page doesn’t have a blossoming userbase, it will still likely be visited by potential clients and customers.

Roughly 43% of Internet users research a product or service on social media before making a purchase. If they come across a business page that regularly posts content and responds to reviews, they’re far more likely to choose them than a competing page that hasn’t posted since 2015.

If a potential client stumbles onto a business page that has been poorly maintained over the years, they likely won’t bother taking the time to research if the business is still open. Following that logic, a failure to regularly post on social media can be just as harmful to one’s business as a negative review, if not more!


Growing Business Pages


Now that the importance of maintaining a business page has been established, what can be done to make it worthwhile? Businesses want to take advantage of the billions of daily Facebook users, after all. They don’t want to stick to their small circle of a hundred or so users, they want their audience to grow!

Sadly, there isn’t a be-all-end-all answer to this question. If there were, everyone would be doing it. That being said, there are several tips that are often overlooked that can help bring more likes and followers to one’s page.

  1. Be Active In Facebook Groups

    Facebook finally allowed brands and publishers to join Facebook groups in 2019. These pages can bring a lot of eyes to a Facebook page if used correctly. Join groups that are relevant to your brand, location, and especially target demographic.

    From there, simply engage with them. Repost content from business pages to these groups and comment on posts made by other people. There doesn’t need to be a pitch. The very act of engaging with an active community will put their eyes onto the page that does so.

    If they find the engagement sincere and entertaining, they’ll click on the business’s page without being prompted.

  2. Invite Users to Like A Page if They Engage with Its Content

    More businesses either aren’t aware of this feature or simply ignore it. Facebook allows businesses to invite average users to like their pages. However, many businesses don’t want to be pushy. That could hurt their brand more than help it after all.

    That can all be avoided by following a simple rule when inviting users to like a business page. If a user has already engaged with a business’s content in some way, they’ll likely follow the page. It’s a simple concept that works when a business wants to increase its pages likes.

  3. Evoke Strong Emotional Responses

    This is another simple guideline that one can implement when creating content for a Facebook page. Businesses too often bury quality content under a sea of bland, uninteresting images. Images that link to an article, product, or website should evoke a strong emotion that can instantly engage with the user.

    Even if the emotion is negative. Does an image seem like cringy clickbait? Good. As much as businesses should avoid clickbait, they should understand that such images will perform better than bland stock photos every time.



Businesses will have to work to find interesting ways to promote their pages. As previously mentioned, regularly posting is the standard. That alone should not be seen as a means of growing one’s followers. It should be seen as a way to engage with existing ones.

As much as businesses should follow the three steps above, they won’t guarantee success either. The average growth rate of Facebook business pages is less than 1% each month. Building an audience requires, as cheesy as it sounds, commitment, patience, and discipline.

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