How to Create Engaging Content That Drives Results

By: Michael | Tue, Mar 10, 2020


Driving more traffic to your website can be tricky. Trickier still is converting more of those visitors into customers.

How do you get more people to stick around?


On-Page Engagement

Magnet for Website Visitors.

In 2020, people are navigating the web much faster than they did 10 years ago. As a result, it has become more difficult to get visitors to stay awhile and look around your page.

You need to win their attention just long enough to get them to click around or subscribe to something. Because in the end, marketing without engaging your audience is basically a press release.

Here are three ways to give visitors a reason to stay.


1. Add Visual or Animated Instructions

Graphic With Computer Screen Showing How To Keep Visitor Attention With Instructions.

I’ve noticed that auto-playing instructions quickly draw attention and seem to mesmerize users. We have 7 seconds (at most) to capture a visitor’s attention, so showing them eye-catching instructions as they scroll down can only help.

You can even embed a short video clip that auto-plays and shows more info about your business.

Helpful tutorials allow users to see a visual demonstration of your product in action without having to click around for it.


2. Work on Site Structure

Man Writing Website Layout Ideas On A Whiteboard.

HTML headings make content easier for both human beings and for Google to scan and navigate. Not only does this help engagement levels of visitors, but it can also help your site’s ranking on Google searches.

Having well-crafted subheadings points visitors deeper into your content. One effective strategy to go about this is using a Question & Answer format. Human beings have that natural reflex to look for an answer when confronted with a question mark.

The best way to optimize this Q&A format is by remembering who your ideal customer is. Who are they, where are they, and what do they want to buy from you?


3. Track What’s Working & What’s Not

Drawing of Three Race Cars Approaching A Finish Line.

Finally, you can’t improve what you aren’t measuring, so tracking exactly how users are navigating your website is very important.

The easiest way to understand your site engagement is with Google Analytics. You can even track what pages users visit, where they click, and how long they spend time.


The Big Takeaways

  • Break your content into sections. Ex: Introducing each new section of an article with a question.
  • Create visual instructions that auto-play as soon as the page loads.
  • Keep analyzing your engagement metrics with Google Analytics.

These are some of the strategies we use for clients every day at EZ-NetTools. I hope these tactics help you keep visitors engaged, and ultimately bring more happy customers your way than ever before.

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