Winning at Social Media – 9 steps to help you succeed

By: Ty Shiffler | Fri, Apr 29, 2016

Building a strong social media presence can seem like a pretty daunting task. The world of social media marketing has changed the way brands connect and interact with their customers. Achieving a strong social media presence can easily influence your bottom line, and become a vital part of your businesses success.

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Overall, social media isn’t rocket science, and it shouldn’t feel that way. Some good common sense can go a long way. Here are nine tips that will help your brand win at social media.

1) Strive to influence, not to sell.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to do social media if I’m not going to get any sales out of it.” The sales will come, but only after you become an influencer.

Social media is like being a street entertainer. The first key is getting into a spot with a lot of traffic. The second step is putting on a show that get’s a large group to stop and take notice. Once you’ve provided value to your audience, asking them to give you their hard earned cash becomes a much more convincing proposition.


The Best marketing Strategy ever? Care.

2) Think Native

The content that should be posted on Facebook is different than what you would post on Twitter or Pinterest. The key here is recognizing the way that users interact in each social media. Facebook users really want to see a human aspect to any brand. Instagram is all about visual appeal, and doesn’t always need a human side. Twitter is highly times sensitive, whereas Pinterest has very little time sensitivity. Understanding these subtle differences allows you to truly interact with each social community and begin expanding your reach.

3) Plan Ahead and Execute

Too many people see social media as a “post whatever pops into your head” sort of thing. This is not the case.

A successful social media is something that requires a lot of time and effort. Having a plan can save you time and increase your effectiveness. With platforms like Twitter, it may be hard to plan your posts out ahead of time. You can still strategize an overall marketing goal or message that you are striving to communicate.

4) Post Consistently… but not too consistently

Automation tools make it easy to post consistently without constantly being online, but they can also be your downfall. Make sure that you still check your social media occasionally and have true human interaction with your followers. A failure to do so makes your message feel less genuine, and will quickly decrease your organic reach.

Once again, every social media is different. If you don’t post enough (or too much), you can easily loose your effectiveness on social media as well. Do your research, and pay attention to your audience. Facebook usually only like 1 or 2 posts per day, Twitter is 5 or 6, etc, etc.

As you see what and when works best for your business, learn from it and adapt.

5) Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

There are literally hundreds of social medias out there. Trying to master them all is an impossible task. For most small businesses, the best thing you can do is analyze your business, and choose the social medias that you can create the best native content for.

For help deciding which social medias are best for your business, check out the article below! Still have questions? Comment on our post.

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6) Leverage Social Media Influencers

Reaching customers through social media influencers is the most effective strategy for growth and reach on social media. Getting a social media influencer to help build your brand is almost more effective than getting a celebrity endorsement (although most celebrities can be considered social media influencers these days).

The key to building your brand through social media influencers is to: First, identifying which social medias your target audience lives on. Next, identify influencers that match your brand image. Simply reach out to that influencer, and strike up a deal!

7) Don’t Skimp on Paid Reach

The days of growing your business strictly through organic reach are dead. Facebook and other social medias have changed their algorithms to favor content from friends and family over businesses. This has resulted in your posts reaching less than 5% of your audience.

So what can you do about it? Paid reach is fairly cost effective, and can really impact your bottom line. With proper targeting in Facebook and Instagram’s massive audience, you have a huge opportunity to generate traffic, leads, and even sales. You can also easily scale your paid reach once you find a profitable combo.

8) Address Complaints Immediately

Social Media has become the ultimate customer service portal for businesses. Not only does it make it easy for customers to share their concerns with a company, it allows the company to quickly address any issues with a personal touch.

The key here is making sure that you respond quickly and effectively. Failing to stay on top of complaints can quickly become a huge PR disaster.

Whatever you do, don’t delete or ignore complaints. If you’re unsure how to handle these types of issues, visit the twitter account of any major brand and see how they respond to negative posts. Some companies like Nike have even created Twitter accounts that are specifically for customer support.

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Nike Twitter Handle


Nike Support Twitter Handle

9) Pay Attention to Your Analytics

Analytics should be checked often to see what is and isn’t working. It blows my mind when I talk to a business that tells me that social media doesn’t work, and they’ve never even looked at their analytics report. Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics provides you with all the information you need to make educated decisions on what is and isn’t working.

It’s your turn

So that’s it! Any tips you’d like to share?

What strategies have worked for you and your brand?

Any success stories with doing customer service through social media?

Share away!

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