New Guide For Displaying Google Reviews On Your Website

By: Steven Monson | Fri, May 5, 2017

Recently, I was trying to to add Google reviews on a few of our customer’s websites.  I don’t mean copying and pasting reviews.  I wanted to automatically show the most recent reviews.

After doing some research online I found there weren’t a lot of good solutions out there.  Most of the articles on this subject were out of date.  Not being a quitter, I  decided that I might be able to create my own solution.

As I was looking, I found a javascript plugin that did something similar to what I needed, but it needed some improvements, and it needed to be easier to use.

I put it on one of our customers landing pages it looked pretty good.  After showing to some co-worker they asked my to put it on our own website.

Interested in having something similar on your website?  Check out the article at:


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