Local SEO – Our Top Tip to Help You Succeed

By: Alex Ary | Wed, Mar 23, 2016

Ez-NetTools is always looking to help your business succeed. If you’re a local business, Local SEO is probably one of the most important things that you’re probably not doing…


Local SEO

If you are looking to rank your business higher in Local Search, this is the article for you.

While it may be true that the days of making sure your business is in the phonebook are over, making sure your business is listed on directories is more important than ever!

NAP Listings

There is a common acronym used across SEO companies, called N.A.P. This stands for Name, Address, Phone Number listings that exist across company databases. N.A.P. listings are key to making Google see your business as legitimate and valid. You can manually update your N.A.P. listings by going to each individual website such as Yellow Pages, Super Pages and so on.

The most important things here is that all listings appear identical to how Google sees your business. One area that often creates problems for businesses is how Google lists their address.  To find out how Google sees your business address, you can search your address on Google. Using Google Maps, you can identify if they spell out the word “Street” or use the abbreviated “St.” Our experience has shown that copying exactly how Google sees your business address will have a significant impact on your local business Google rank.

EZ-NetTools can help you with all of your N.A.P. listings. We have seen individuals spend over 10 hours on just their business. This is because they need to make new accounts for each database, get access to already made pages and track their business across many databases. We use software to detect and change your listing across many databases at once, which can save you hundreds of dollars in time.

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