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Success Consultations are an integral part of our Internet Marketing Processes. These meetings enable you to gain a holistic view of your package and your current marketing needs.

How do they work?

These meetings are pretty simple. First, our team of trained specialists gathers data from your accounts. We compile information from a multitude of sources including Google Analytics, AdWords, Call-Tracking & Social Media. This data is then crunched, and we make suggested action items based on the data.

You can expect a call a couple of days before to verify that you have the correct equipment and to work out any technical details regarding the call. We love doing face to face talking, and we encourage all of our customers to be in front of a computer or device that has a front-facing camera. Your cell-phone would work, but given the nature of the presentation and the technical details that are on the slides, we encourage a webcam on a desktop computer.

The meeting begins with some brief introductions, and we explain some of our proprietary processes. Those processes are key to your success and will drive the entire meeting. Feel free to ask pertinent questions through the presentation. We encourage you to take notes.

At the end of the meeting, we will have a list of action items. Some of the items we do and others are your responsibility. With both of us working hard together, we know that we can find success in your area and industry.

When the call is over, we will keep that data until we are ready to return and report. Then, we can measure progress from the last meeting and can show improvements and changes that have happened over the span of time.


What equipment do I need?

We ask that you come prepared with a Webcam, desktop/laptop computer with adequate screen size, and something to take notes.

How long do these meetings last?

We shoot for these meetings to last under 1 hour.

Who can attend?

The more people who attend, the more time that the meetings take based on the questions. There is a massive exchange of information flowing towards you. This requires you to ask questions to clear up misconceptions.

I’m a success package customer. Do I have to pay for these?

No, these are included in your success package.

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