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Billions of people use social media every day in one form or another!

 Some of the most popular formats include Facebook, YouTube, and Google My Business. Why not advertise where your customer’s already are interacting with each other over the Internet?

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Google My Business

Posts and Management
$ 99 per month
  • Google My Business Posts
  • 8 Posts/month


Boosted Posts & Ads Management
$ 150 per month
  • 4 Custom Ads/month
  • Custom Graphic Design Work
  • Audience Targeting
  • Professional Management & Monitoring
  • No Contracts


Advertisment Management
$ 200 per month
  • Unlimited Budget
  • Target Specific Demographics
  • Video Production NOT included

Why Use Facebook Ads?

With Facebook Advertising, you can reach your ideal customer. Targeting can happen by Location, Age, Gender, Language, Ethnicity, Interests, Behaviors, Connections, and more. With traditional advertising, the best way to target customer was based on that particular channels viewers.

Facebook is the right choice

How Do YouTube Ads Work?

The YouTube market is massive. 300 hours of video is uploaded each minute of the day, and it isn’t just the volume that makes this attractive to advertisers. The up and coming generations are more prone to watch YouTube than existing generations of people.

YouTube ads also have historically low prices, when combined with the targeting options, you have compelling capabilities. Imagine placing your ad in front of your competitor’s videos, allowing you to take the leads from their work.

What is Google My Business?

When people search for businesses and products on Google, they receive a huge number of results. One of the first things to appear is a box containing listings of businesses that Google thinks match what the person wants. Since these appear first, the smart business owner creates and manages a listing there.


In order to maintain the top position of the listings part of what we do includes posting bi weekly to your Google My Business listing. This can include news and specials that you are running.

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