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We have done years of email marketing. Let us help you make your business look and feel professional.

How does it work?

We work with our customers to nail down what they are hoping to achieve with their email marketing campaigns. We want to make sure that there are clear expectations and milestones as we progress throughout the program.

We would first set your company up on a platform that suits your needs. We primarily use MailChimp but are flexible to using other platforms as needs arise.

Then we will work with you to determine what schedule fits within the time that you have purchased with our company.

After determining the schedule, we make the correct connections to make sure that the list is being built from other sources. We can make sure that there is some marketing automation welcoming new clients.

Once marketing automation is set up, we work on building your emails. Those will primarily be built on templates. You provide the content and the images. If you would like us to make the content and the images, you can move to an upgraded package.

Once the campaign has been running for a few months, we will work with you to determine the successes and strength of your campaign.

Can you do Continuous Campaigns?

Yes! We can set up campaigns that will greet people when they sign up for your newsletter and so on.

Can you write content?

Yes! We can write content but we strongly advise our customers to provide us with content which we then review.

Do you run the entire campaign?

We do run the campaign. From our initial strategy meeting, we make sure that the emails that are going out meet the goals of the email campaigns.

Do you provide graphics?

Custom graphics require extensive time and design. We can purchase stock photography for your campaigns, but that would take away from the time that we use on your account.

How involved do I need to be?

Each email needs to be approved before they are sent out. We also work closely with you to make sure that the emails are consistent with your branding and needs.

How many Emails a month do I get?

We can provide up to 4 a month, based on the time it is to set those up and import them. However, that is with our customers providing all of the content, images, and a clear strategy.

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