Basic HB Website

$99.95 $49.95 / month


Our basic HB Success Website includes more than just the custom made software that was engineered for HB Operators. We also set up your Facebook account and local listing for Google. Plus, the website will always be kept up to date with security upgrades, additional features as they become available, and style changes to keep up with the times. All for a low monthly price! The best part – no contract and you get your own domain name!


IMPRESSIVE WEBSITE: We designed this fantastic looking website featuring a professional design. We tailored it for your ideal carpet cleaning customers. The layout leads to higher sales rates. We regularly update it for security, ADA compliance, and style. That means you will never have to worry about your design ever again!

“GOOGLE MY BUSINESS” ACCOUNT SETUP: A “no-worry” account set up on “Google My Business” local listings. Compared to organic search results, these listings get much higher click through rates. Package does not include regular posts to the account – Upgrade to the SEO add on or of our Full HB Success Packages.

FACEBOOK BUSINESS ACCOUNT SETUP: Full-service setup of your franchise’s Facebook profile. Make your account easy to manage with a proper setup and start your online following! Package does not include regular posts to the account – Upgrade to the Social Media Package or one of our Full HB Success Packages.

YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME: Increase your visibility and likelihood you show up on search results with one easy step; having a domain name that fits your business and service area! Plus you own the name and you can build equity in your domain as well.

We do not perform SEO or social media marketing for this particular website service – Upgrade to the SEO add on, Social Media Package, or one of our Full HB Success Packages.


Q: What features does the website itself have?

A: The website is designed specifically to lead potential customers toward quote or estimate requests. They can go two routes; they can call or they can fill out a form. The forms alert you via text and email when a customer has filled out a request.

Q: Can I track the performance of the website?

A: Yes. We install Google Analytics into the website. This tracks customer activity on your website, as well as how traffic is acquired in the first place. We also offer the use a complimentary tracking number that routes calls to whatever phone you specify, allowing call tracking to measure performance.


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