HB-Ads in Motion

$175.00 / month

Use the newest & most effective way to brand on Facebook. Our re-marketing strategy concentrates on branding, engagement, and most importantly, conversion!


Welcome to our premier multi-tier Facebook video ad management program. We manage your Facebook ads using a proven re-marketing strategy specifically tailored for Facebook. In a nutshell, a potential customer moves through a series of ads based on behavior at each point. This helps them gradually learn about you, intrigues them enough to investigate more, and dramatically increases the chances of conversion!

Getting set up with HB-Ads in Motion is fast, easy, and most importantly, worry-free! We take care of monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed. Help your customers get to know you by using the type of ad that has proven for decades to be the most effective type; video!

HB-Ads in Motion is an AD Management service. You will need to make sure to budget to pay for the ads themselves to Facebook. The bare minimum to work with this package is $270/month to Facebook. We recommend closer to $500, especially for the first few months in order to ramp your campaign.

FAQ’s about HB-Ads in Motion

Q: Are videos included?

A: Yes! This package includes videos created specifically for HB operators. And we also add new videos on a regular basis in order to keep the content fresh.

Q: What can I expect from HB-Ads in Motion?

A: We promise to set up your campaign in a way that will maximize your branding efforts. While we most likely will tie every ad to a conversion (or click) to your website, in order to get the best results, we recommend using the videos made specifically for HB franchises by EZ-NetTools. You can see all the videos we have made by clicking here.

Q: Is this included in my success package?

A: No. Your package includes your website design, hosting, optimization for search engines, Google my Business management, access to the EZ-Reviews App, and regular posts to Facebook. It does not include Facebook or Google ad management.

Q: Why should I choose EZ-NetTools to manage my Facebook advertising over others?

A: We have decades of experience in managing online ads and creating social media marketing strategies for Heaven’s Best. Many of your fellow operators speak very highly about EZ-NetTools. Read their reviews by clicking here.

Q: Can I sign up even if I don’t want to have my website through EZ-NetTools?

A: Yes! You absolutely can! We welcome every operator who wishes to take part in this program. If you don’t already have a website with EZ-NetTools, this package will include landing pages to go with the ads. If you want to learn more about a more inclusive success package for HB operators, click here to learn more.


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