EZ-NetTools now offers WordPress blogs to it’s customers

By: Administrator | Mon, Oct 20, 2014

No additional monthly fees

In the past there was a $6.95 monthly fee for access to our SAS server plus a $19.95 setup fee.  Today we offer WordPress hosting at no additional monthly charge.  There is still the $19.95 setup fee (as our system administrator needs to manually create new account and setup a sub-domain) but the monthly fee has been completely abolished.

Get a blog for your account

  1. Call us at 800-627-4780 or email us at project@eznettools.com and let us know you want a blog for your website.
  2. Decide what sub-domain you want to have… For example: blog.mywebsite.com or news.mywebsite.com
  3. Pay the $19.95 one-time setup fee.
  4. Go to your chosen sub-domain, and start blogging!

Custom Designs for Blogs

If you want a custom blog design, (for example maybe you want it to match your website)  give us a call and we can give you a quote to create a custom layout.

To learn more contact us at 800-627-4780.


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