Google to rank mobile-friendly websites higher starting April 21

By: Steven Monson | Tue, Mar 3, 2015

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It’s no secret that having a mobile-friendly website is becoming increasingly important. Roughly 30% of all web traffic, and 15% of all sales come from smartphones and tablets. 1

If that wasn’t enough, Google annouced today that starting April 21, 2015 it will rank mobile-friendly websites higher than non-mobile websites. 2.

Google said this change will “significantly impact” search ranking.

Put simply: If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, and your competition is, your ranking will suffer come April 21st.  On the other hand, if your website is mobile-friendly and your competition isn’t you’ll see an instant bump in your search-results on April 21st.

Getting Responsive Website Design

At EZ-NetTools we’ve been building responsive website for our customers for the last 3 years. These custom websites adapt to any screen-size for optimal viewing.  A new responsive design generally costs between from $900 – $2000 depending on size and complexity, and have been a major boon for many of our customers.  Learn more about responsive design.

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