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By: Steven Monson | Thu, May 31, 2018

After spending countless hours working with various third party WordPress templates, I realized most of them lack some very essential elements.

They neglect small business owners.

So, armed with years of working with small business owners, I decided to design my own WordPress theme.  It’s called the EZ-NetTools Business Theme and it was built with small business owners in mind.

Here are a few features that make the EZ-NetTools Business Theme special…

Responsive YouTube Embeds That Don’t Advertise For Your Competitors

Video is an increasingly important part of online marketing.

However, (by default) these videos tend to get squished on mobile devices.  This create a tall-skinny box with oversized black bars on top and bottom of the video (and looks kind of silly).

graphic demonstrating responsive videos.
Videos scale perfectly, and don’t show “suggested videos” at the end.

“Why does my website have ads for my competitors?”

I used to hear this complaint a lot from clients.  After some follow up, it would usually come out that they were referring the “suggested videos” at the end of their YouTube videos.

screenshot of yoututbe suggested videos
“Suggested videos” can distract your visitors with unrelated or competing content.

Business owners don’t want their customers watching random cat videos on their website, or worse, watching competitor’s ads.

So our theme automatically turn off “suggest videos” for every embed.


Update:  On Sept 25, 2018 YouTube made “Suggested videos” required. However, the website’s code will still prevent random videos from showing up, and will instead show suggested videos from your own channel.

Read our article “YouTube No Longer Allows You To Turn Off Related Videos When Embedding A Video”


Phone Numbers in the Header

This may sound ridiculously trivial, but you’d be surprised how few WordPress templates allow you to add a phone number to your header.

In the past I’ve frequently had customers request to have their phone number in the header.

Simple, right?  Only the template doesn’t provide a way to do it.

The EZ-NetTools Business Theme makes adding a phone number incredibly simple.  Just open up the customizer, click on Site Identity and type in your phone number.

Navigation You Can Actually See on Smartphones

hamburger menu example
When your menu is hidden by a “hamburger menu”, there can be problems…

Most website templates use a “hamburger menu” for mobile devices.  (For  those that don’t know, hamburger menus use a ≡ symbol, that needs to be clicked before you can see the website navigation).

So what’s the big deal?

Studies show that hamburger menus can cause a significant  drop in people actually using your navigation.

Besides the people that don’t know what they are, the also cause people that understand them perfectly to use your navigation less.  A hidden navigation is “out of sight, out of mind”.  People may not know that your navigation has what they’re looking for if they never see it.

The result?  Fewer people ever moving beyond your homepage.

ez-business theme screenshot
All your menus show up right in the header.

If you keep your top level menu to 4 links or less, they can all fit on 1 line.  If you have more links, they’ll wrap onto a 2nd line.

This straight-forward approach makes it easier for your customers to discover your links, and increases interaction between pages.

A Responsive Homepage Banner

screenshot showig homepage banner example
Easily change the homepage banner to fit your company’s message.

Having a place to put a prominent image and a call to action is important for almost any business.  We’ve included a customizable banner that let’s you easily change:

  • The Hero image
  • The primary text
  • Smaller secondary text
  • Call-to-action button.

It’s a simple formula, but incredibly effective and versatile.

Color Options That Are Actually Useful

Many themes give you color options, but once you start playing around with them, you’ll find they’re pretty limiting.  Often all you can do is change an “accent color” and a couple other ambiguous settings.

The EZ-NetTools Business Theme gives you color options that make sense.

color changing screenshot.
Make it blue, or green, or whatever color suites you.

You can change the…

  • Body Text color
  • Body Link color
  • Body Background color
  • Header Text color
  • Header Background color
  • Footer Text color
  • Footer Background color

90% of the time, these are the colors people want to change, so that’s where we put our focus.

Social Media Icons (with more than 5 options)

I’ve seen plenty of themes that have a built-in social media option.  The problem is, they usually pick the top 5 or 10 sites, and leave the rest out in the cold.

What if I need Yelp or Angies List?  Too bad.  You’ll have to either: leave if off, of completely abandon their social media options and try to find some plugin (that may, or may not have what you need anyway).

You see:

A while ago I’d created a collection of matching icons I’ve been using almost universally for new websites.  It includes every requested social media icon I’ve had from the past 2 years.  So when I built my theme I included all of them.

The social media icons real clients ask for…

Which means, if you need one that’s not currently no there, that means nobody has asked me for it in the last 2 years.

So, you’re probably covered.

But if, for some reason the icon you need isn’t there.  No sweat.  I can add it.

Websites that Use The Template

Interested in seeing what the theme looks like with real customers?  Here are some examples of websites that use the template

We can also customize them further like the following…

Your Thoughts?

So what do you think?  Are there certain features you’d like to see in our new template?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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