Announcing the EZ-Reviews App

By: Alex Ary | Wed, Jul 6, 2016

Getting reviews for your business can now faster and easier with the new EZ-Reviews app. Customer reviews are critical for the growth of your business, and yet many business owners struggle to get reviews. The process for customers to leave reviews is often long and confusing, causing many customers to lose interest. With EZ-Reviews, getting your customers to leavereviews fast and simple for you and your customers! This app sends a text message directly from your phone to your customer’s phone with a link to leave a review for your business in only three simple steps!

  1. Ask permission from your customer to send a link where they can write you a review
  2. Enter your customer’s phone number
  3. Hit send

All your customer has to do is click on the link. It will open a web page that gives them the option of leaving either a google review or a Facebook review. They then click on the location they wish to leave a review, log into their account, and review your business. It has never been easier to request reviews from your customers.

Creating a New Account

Creating a new account is simple! Receive a free thirty day trial today! After that expires, the app costs only $29.95 a month. With a few simple steps, you will be ready to get reviews within minutes!

  1. Download the app from Google Play, or visit to sign up
  2. Fill out the registration form. (unlike other companies, we will not require your credit card information)
  3. Wait for the EZ-NetTools response email
  4. Plug in the account number from the response email and you are ready to use the app!

As you obtain reviews, you will see your company grow!

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