The Easiest Way to get Likes on Facebook!

By: Kim Ary | Wed, Aug 24, 2016

According to Forbes, the average website gets about 31% of all referral traffic from social media. That number can increase as your social media account and posts get more exposure. There are tons of other blog articles out there about how to get more likes for your company page. This guide will walk you through the easiest way to get likes for your business page.

You have probably received invitations from your friends with Facebook business pages. You get a notification from Facebook that says; ”Bob has invited you to like his page.” By clicking on it you can like the business page. It’s a quick and simple way to quickly double or even triple your social media exposure.

For desktop users, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Login to your personal Facebook account. That will allow you to invite your friends and family.

Step 2:  Find your company’s Facebook page. In the bottom right hand corner click “Invite friends to like this Page”



Step 3: A window will pop up that shows your friends. On the right next to their picture there is a button that says “Invite.”

Step 4: Press the “Invite” button, and your friend will be sent a message that says “Bob invited you to like his/her Page.” Unfortunately for business users, there is no select all button. But thankfully for personal users, it keep us from getting bombarded with page invites. You can search through you friends by name, place, or groups that you have in common.


Step 5: Watch the likes on your Facebook page increase! The posts will also get more exposure, making the time we spend on your social media more valuable.

By simply inviting more people to like your Facebook page, you can market to them each time that they scroll through the news feed. This is a simple and easy way to keep your business – and what it is doing – in the front of your friends’ minds.

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