EZ-NetTools Vision

We Envision Success:

  1. Online SUCCESS for our Customers
  2. Personal Success for our Employees
  3. Expanding Success for our Company
  4. Local Success for our Community

Our Vision

We believe great companies don’t just make money.  They make a difference!

We’ve refocused our efforts to put people and ideals ahead of profits.  We aim to help our customers, communities, and employees reach their full potential.


We strive to provide the highest quality service and support to our customers.  Always giving honest answers and feedback.  You’re the reason we have stayed in business for over 30 years.


We want to provide the best compensation possible for our employees and supply them with the tools to grow and develop their skills.


Without success for the company, none of the other goals can be realized effectively.  We believe that growing the business is good for everyone.


We’ve been reaching out to our local community with initiatives such as Rexburg Online and free Photo Spheres for Rexburg businesses.

Yes, making money is still important (like everyone, we have bills and payrolls) but we know that money is just one piece of a larger puzzle. If we forget to do good, we’re missing out on a critical part of life!

EZ-NetTools Timeline