Foster parent, hobby farmer, avid learner, popcorn lover, father and grandfather, project starter, wood worker.
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Bruce Eckman


  • Started first business at the age of 5
  • Founded EZ-NetTools to helps small businesses succeed online
  • I am here to help you as a business owner.
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Full-time wife, mother, Nana, dance-studio owner, expressionist through lyrical dance (and all other styles), sister day creator, filled with pride and joy for my grandsons.
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Glenda Heskett

Office Manager

  • Call me for any questions on accounting, tech support, and help with your website
  • Call and just visit, I love hearing from you!
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Artist, thinker, teacher, husband, dreamer, believer, lover of sunshine, and aspiring Renaissance Man.
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Steven Monson

Lead Designer

  • Call me for website redesigns
  • Here full-time.
  • I’m here to solve problems, and make great websites that communicate your ideas
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Family man, programmer, detail oriented, lover of both the outdoors and indoors, casual gamer.
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Tyler Lazenby

Web Development Supervisor

  • I specialize in website security and customized functionality for websites.
  • I am your technical support
  • I want your business to succeed online
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Myron Williams
Family lover, husband, hobby farmer, hat wearer, beard grower, systems fixer, truck owner, cheese maker.
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Myron Williams

Systems Administrator

  • I’m the behind the scenes guy.
  • If your website goes down, I will be there to get things back up and running.
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Writer, movie lover, pet lover, reader, gamer, NBA fan, simple liver, home is where the family is.
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Alvin Clavines

Website Promotion Specialist

  • Want your business website visible in the search engine?
  • I’m here to help with your online marketing
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Korean speaker, digital marketing enthusiast, basketball and soccer player, world traveler.
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Zachary Davis

SEO Specialist

  • I will ensure that your online presence is built on a strong foundation.
  • I apply only the best SEO practices.
  • Call me with any SEO questions!
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Zach Mendenhall
Tennessee raised, rock climber, BMX, Taco Bell connoisseur, fisherman, Portuguese speaker, outdoor explorer
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Zac Mendenhall

Marketing/SEO Specialist

  • Call me for any SEO or Marketing questions you may have
  • I have the answers to your Social Media questions as well!
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Musician, lover of the outdoors, swimmer, food lover, creative, lover of learning, tries to make things as efficient as possible. And usually does.
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Janalee Eckman

Social Media Specialist

  • I’m here to help you maximize participation on your social media account!
  • I create posts for social media
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