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Social Media Advertising Management can bring new life into your business, by presenting content that doesn’t really “feel” like advertisements. Because of their flexibility, Social Media Advertising allows you to have incredible flexibility in targeting and cost. Instead of the plethora of other fees that come from traditional forms of Advertising, Social Media Advertising gives you one fee per platform with the complete flexibility to what your costs are.

Reach your Ideal Customer

With Social Media Advertising, you can reach your ideal customer. Targeting can happen by Location, Age, Gender, Language, Ethnicity, Interests, Behaviors, Connections, and more. With traditional advertising, the best way to target customer was based on that particular channels viewers.

Our Process

  1. Initially, we work on determining goals for you. When it comes to goals, they can be anywhere from spending goals, to impressions, to clicks or conversions. Then, we work on building the advertisements that will reach this goal.
  2. Landing pages play a key role in connecting your customer with the correct product without distractions.
  3. We then launch the campaign, measure results, and optimize.
  4. Finally, we move back to the first stage and see if the goals are being reached, then we re-evaluate our strategy to reach those goals or even start with new goals.
Unlimited Budget
Full Facebook Ad Features
Professional Management
Professional Monitoring
Demographic Targeting
Interest Targeting
School or Workplace Targeting
Custom Facebook Ad Images2 Per Month
High Quality Landing Pages1 Per Quarter
Source File DeliveryCustom

How do I know if Social Media Advertising is right for me?

It really depends on how your customers are finding you. If you are a plumber, chances are that you would be more successful with Search Engine Optimization or Paid Advertising through Adwords. That is a right time – right place type of advertisement. Facebook and Social Media are really good for branding and driving awareness.

I’m not sure what package is right for me.

Call us and we can discuss what package would fit best for your needs.

How do I get started?

Either fill out the form or give us a call and we can start you right away.

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