Internships at EZ-NetTools

EZ-NetTools is a place where students can thrive. We offer the environment where you can take the ideas and passions that you have and make them a reality. Discover and refine new skills through hands on experience working with a seasoned company.


Our programmers learn by doing a variety of real-world projects. Work with MySQL, PHP, and industry leading programming languages.

Graphic Designers

Design web and print material for our company and clients. Build your portfolio, and learn the trade by working with real customers.

Technical Support

Get hands-on experience with servers, networks, email, and more. Gain valuable customer relationship skills.

Other Opportunities

To find other opportunities for internships visit our
Employment Page.

What you'll learn:

  • How to build and cultivate client relationships
  • Valuable sales and marketing tactics
  • Team-playing skills to accomplish large tasks and goals
  • Workplace environment skills
  • See the job listing for more job specific skills

What we require:

  • A background in Marketing, Communications, Design, or Computer Sciences (or what pertains to the intership)
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Familiarity with the Internet and how it affects business
  • Creativity

Why Intern at EZ-NetTools?

As an intern at EZ-NetTools, you'll get to work on a variety of real-world projects that help companies grow.  The positions are part time, school-friendly, and paid. There are also opportunities to be hired full-time with competitive pay.

We value all of our interns and go the extra mile to make sure you receive a learning experience that fits your career goals. You will learn how to work in a professional environment and have ample opportunity to network.

About EZ-NetTools

EZ-NetTools is a Rexburg-based web development company that's been in business for over 30 years. EZ-NetTools was one of the original players in the early internet era.  Developing the first cloud-based page building software and enterprise-level shopping carts.

Today, we do everything with internet marketing: from website creation to pay-per-click. We offer the skills and tools to help our customers become successful online.

Paden Jones
I really had a fun time at EZ-NetTools. We accomplished much and it really helped me to become a better programmer. - Paden Jones (Awesome Programmer & Technical Support)

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