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Reseller (Wholesale) Opportunities

Bocome an EZ-NetTools Reseller

You can become an EZ-NetTools Reseller and offer EZ-NetTools to your customers. We make it easy!

Sign-up as an EZ-NetTools Reseller and purchase our products and services at whole prices. We even provide marketing materials, training and support. No technical ability is needed. We take care of all the complicated issues. We will even provide technical support to your customers!

What You Get:

Reseller Software

This software provides a set of tools for managing multiple member accounts.
  • EZ-SiteDuplicator - This feature makes it easy to replicate a template account into your member accounts. This is a powerful feature to maintain a consistent look and feel with your member accounts. This tool makes it easy to jump start new accounts.
  • Online billing and accounts receivable - The reseller account includes a system for billing and charging your customers online.
  • Direct Access to Member accounts - Through your reseller tools, you can directly log into your member accounts. As a result you do not have to remember the passwords for each member account. (For security reasons, credit card information is not displayed when you access a member account through the reseller interface.)

20 Member accounts

  • 5 EZ-Commerce Accounts - Sell for $100 one time sign-up fee each and $49.95 reoccurring monthly fee.
  • 5 EZ-Business Accounts - Sell for $50 one time sign-up fee each and $39.95 reoccurring monthly fee (suggested retail).
  • 5 EZ-Website Accounts- Sell for $25 one time sign-up fee each and $19.95 reoccurring monthly fee (suggested retail).
  • 5 EZ-Digisign Accounts - Sell for $100 one time sign-up fee each and $49.95 reoccurring monthly fee (suggested retail).

Over $1000 Value (in retail sign-up fees).

When you sign-up a customer you can charge a one time set-up fee and then a monthly reoccurring service fee. You pay EZ-NetTools no sign-up fees on you initial 20 accounts (you pocket the money). The you can purchase additional accounts at wholesale rates.

Resellers pay a wholesale monthly fee for each active account. You pay nothing until accounts are activated. Visit to see the reseller rates. You will only be billed for the accounts that are active.

Note: You must keep at least one EZ-Commerce Account active at all times to keep your reseller account active (at wholesale rate).

Marketing Materials and Training

We want to help you succeed! EZ-NetTools provides you with marketing materials such as a Reseller Website Template and EZ-NetTools Full-color Brochures. We also offer Reseller Training online, through Webinars and
occasionally in beautiful Idaho.

Much More!!!

Wholesale Prices on EZ-NetTools Services - Resellers will receive a 15 percent discount on website design and building services as well as website promotion services provided by EZ-NetTools. This will be effective on the reseller's website and any member accounts under the reseller.

FREE Technical Support for your customers

FREE Online Training for your customers

Reseller Package Price: $499.00

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