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SEO Services

EZ-NetTools website promotion services include the latest techniques to attract potential customers. The EZ-NetTools Website Promotion Specialists are experts in the art of website promotion and provide various effective avenues to building traffic to websites.

Individual SEO Services

Basic Search Engine Submission $65.00:

We quickly and effectively submit your website to 50-60 leading search engines with specialized submission software.

Sitemap Creation and Sitemap Submission $70.00:

Increase your GoogleŽ search engine rankings today!

This website promotion service includes basic meta data implementation on up to 5 pages, creating your GoogleŽ Webmaster Tools account, GoogleŽ Site Verification, Sitemap Configuration and finally Sitemap Submission to GoogleŽ.  This service also includes prioritizing webpages by importance and defining the frequency in which GoogleŽ indexes a website.
This is one of, if not the most important step you can take to getting better rankings on GoogleŽ. This Sitemap creation and submission is the best way to alert GoogleŽ about the pages on your website that they may not otherwise discover.
This is not a guarantee that GoogleŽ will crawl your pages right away, but your sitemap will give them the data they need to improve their crawler schedule and do a better job crawling your website in the future.

Keyword Consultation $65.00:

An SEO Specialist will spend one hour consulting with the customer to determine the best keywords.

Keyword Market Analysis $210.00:

The Advanced Keyword Analysis is an essential service to produce higher rankings in the search engines.

An effective analysis requires research to identify what words are most frequently used during a search. Once keywords are identified, we find out how many other websites are competing for those keyword rankings.

Based on this analysis, the most effective keywords for specific situations can be strategically selected for more effective website promotion.

Top Ten Optimization Report $45.00/$90.00:

Top 10 Ranking report demystifies Google's ranking algorithm and tells you in easy-to-understand words how to optimize and prepare your website specifically for better results in Google. This printed report is a custom analysis of your web page versus the top competitors for the keyword you specify.

This 50 page printed report analyzes the specified web page relative to a keyword from the perspective of the major search engines. Your web page is compared against those web pages that are the highest ranked pages for that keyword. You will be able to clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of your web page compared to your competition.


Google Analytics Setup $70.00:

Google Analytics is an extensive marketing analysis service provided by Google. The free service provides details about website visitors. When Google Analytics is properly set-up, you can learn details about where visitors come from and how they move throughout a website.

With this data, webpages can be modified to make the website more effective. We provide the service of setting up Google Analytics on up to 30 pages, with technical precision.

Have everything setup for you!

Favicon $65.00:

Creating and implementing the Favicon graphic which is the small graphic seen in the address bar, favorite lists, and the bookmark toolbar. This is a small but powerful marketing tool!

SEO Packages:

Basic SEO Package $65.00:

The BASIC search engine optimization package includes the following services:

  • Adding Keywords to the Title Tags
  • Adding Page Descriptions
  • Adding Metatags using keywords
  • Adding one "H1" tag on the site

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Intermediate SEO Package $295.00:

Search Engine Optimization is the service of preparing webpages for optimal ranking on the search engines. This preparation includes running a beginning SEO report then strategically placing keywords throughout a webpage within the critical elements that the search engines look at when ranking a webpage. After keyword placement we run a final SEO report. This service includes optimization of one webpage. SEO is critically necessary to be listed high on the search engine's search results.

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Advanced SEO Package $495.00:

The ADVANCED search engine optimization package includes the following services that will be performed on ONE web page.

  • Favicon (small icon that appears in your title bar, adds professionalism)
  • A keyword analysis will be prepared to determine what are the most effective keywords to be used for the web page.
  • Two versions of the page analysis report, one before the page modifications are done and one after. The first version will help indicate what changes need to be made to the web page. The second version will be generated after the changes have been made as a confirmation of work and as a bench mark for future comparison.
  • Changes will be made using the analysis report. This will include updating the metatags and changing text on the page as indicated by the report.
  • A site map will be prepared for the web site. The site map is used by search engines to analyze a web site. The site map will be for all pages on the web site, not just the one page being analyzed.
  • A Google Analytics account will be created for the web site and the associated codes will be added to all web pages on the site created using EZ-Pagebuilder and EZCatalog.
  • Search Engine Submission - The page will be submitted to a number of the larger search engines for review and ranking.

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