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Partnerships for Ancillary Services

EZ-NetTools strives to provide the tools you need to build and maintain your website. However, some customers need more complex or specialized services. To meet these needs, EZ-NetTools has partnered with other vendors to provide these advanced or specialized services..

Web Traffic Monitoring

The EZ-NetTools software provides a hit counter for all web pages. It is a very effective tool that provides a quick overview of the traffic to all of your pages. However, Google provides a free analytics tool that gathers an enormous amount of information about activity on your web site. EZ-NetTools makes it easy to implement Google Analytics tracking on all of your pages. Contact our sales consultant at 800-627-4780 to learn more.
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Mailing List Management

One of the best ways to promote you website is through email marketing. EZ-NetTools provides a way to capture and manage email addresses. However, if you have very large email lists or want sophisticated list management tools, we have partnered with Constant Contact, the largest provider of such services. 
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Merchant Accounts and Gateway Processing.

Creating an e-commerce website with EZ-NetTools is easy. We provide the interface with the credit card system. However, EZ-NetTools is not a bank. Therefore, EZ-NetTools has partnered with a company that will actually accept credit cards and deposit the money in your bank account. These services include merchant accounts and gateway services. This partner can walk you through the maze of getting these services. Both are required for online, real time processing of credit cards. You can get these services elsewhere, such as at your local bank. While the merchant account can be with any bank, you must get the gateway services through

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EZ-NetTools provides a very basic calendar program. Google provides a free calendar program that is very comprehensive. It is very easy to embed a Google calendar into an EZ-NetTools page. Contact our sales consultant at 800-627-4780 to learn more. 

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