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Products and Services

EZ-NetTools is your one-stop-shop for all your website needs. 

Website Services

Design and Development

The EZ-NetTools web design software makes it easy for you to develop and maintain your own website. No knowledge of HTML is required. If you can use a word processor, you can learn to use EZ-NetTools. Just point and click.

If you want additional help designing and developing your website, EZ-NetTools has a professional staff to help. We have graphic designers to develop logos and design custom website. We can develop web page elements using Adobe Flash. Our professional web builders can build your web pages, online forms, and custom Java Script programming.

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Account Types

EZ-NetTools provides a variety of account types to accommodate a range of business and personal needs:

  • EZ-Website - For websites consisting mostly of static pages. This is a great account for businesses that just need a small (business card) website or those that may have hundreds of pages of content. This account type is great for professional firms, churches, nonprofit organizations, and family websites.
  • EZ-Business - All the features of the EZ-Website plus some database driven features including on online directory, online photo album, and a form management tool that is helpful if you have many forms.
  • EZ-Commerce - The business e-commerce tools include catalog, shopping cart, secure connections, and interface to the major payment processing vendors.
  • EZ-Digisign - A special account type for maintaining and displaying digital signs. See below for more information.

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Website Hosting

Website hosting is included with your EZ-NetTools account. The hosting service includes hosting for multiple domain names associated with your web site and hosting of email accounts. Our hosting services has historical maintained a 99.9 percent up time.
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Domain Name Registration

A domain name becomes your identity on the internet. For example, every one knows that directs you to an online retailer and that directs you to online searching. To get your own domain name for your online website, you need obtain a license for it from a domain name registrar.

EZ-NetTools is a domain name registrar. As a result you can purchase your domain name through EZ-NetTools and we will configure the domain name for you. We will also remind you when it is time to renew your domain name. Note: you can purchase and manage your domain name yourself, if you wish and are knowledgeable enough to do so.Learn More

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

EZ-NetTools can help make your website “search engine friendly,” greatly increasing your chances of getting a top ranking on the search engines. We can help you determine the best keywords for you web site. We can help you set up your Google Analytics account to monitor visitors to your website. Click here to order SEO services.

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Technical Support and Training

EZ-NetTools provides free technical support help via phone and email during normal business hours. For a fee per use, you can have 24 hour, 7 day a week priority technical support. Click here to order special one-on-one training.

Additional online resources are available. There is an online help manual at and online courses and webinars available through

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Partnerships for Ancillary Services

EZ-NetTools strives to provide the tools you need to build and maintain your website. However, some customers need more complex or specialized services. To meet these needs, EZ-NetTools has partnered with other vendors to provide these advanced or specialized services..

  • Web Traffic Monitoring. The EZ-NetTools software provides a hit counter for all web pages. It is a very effective tool that provides a quick overview of the traffic to all of your pages. However, Google provides a free analytics tool that gathers an enormous amount of information about activity on your web site. EZ-NetTools makes it easy to implement Google Analytics tracking on all of your pages. Contact our sales consultant at 800-627-4780 to learn more.

  • Mailing List Management. One of the best ways to promote you website is through email marketing. EZ-NetTools provides a way to capture and manage email addresses. However, if you have very large email lists or want sophisticated list management tools, we have partnered with Constant Contact, the largest provider of such services. Learn more . . .

  • Merchant Accounts and Gateway Processing. Creating an e-commerce website with EZ-NetTools is easy. We provide the interface with the credit card system. However, EZ-NetTools is not a bank. Therefore, EZ-NetTools has partnered with a company that will actually accept credit cards and deposit the money in your bank account. These services include merchant accounts and gateway services. This partner can walk you through the maze of getting these services. Both are required for online, real time processing of credit cards. You can get these services elsewhere, such as at your local bank. While the merchant account can be with any bank, you must get the gateway services through Learn more . . .

  • Calendars. EZ-NetTools provides a very basic calendar program. Google provides a free calendar program that is very comprehensive. It is very easy to embed a Google calendar into an EZ-NetTools page. Contact our sales consultant at 800-627-4780 to learn more.
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Additional Hosting Services.

To meet the unique needs of some customers, EZ-NetTools provides a hosting server. For security reasons, FTP access is not available to the main EZ-NetTools servers. Our Supplemental Application Server (SAS) is available for hosting service for these unique needs. Contact our sales consultant at 800-627-4780 to learn more.

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Other Services

Digital Signage

EZ-Digisign is another product line offered by EZ-NetTools targeted at the digital signage market. Digital Signs are computer driven screens that display constantly changing images at locations where customers are making decisions or are receptive to marketing messages. Examples would be a 42 inch LCD flat screen in the lobby of a hotel displaying images of nearby restaurants or activities that would be of interest to hotel guests. Other locations could be at banks, doctors offices, or movie theaters where customers are waiting. Retail stores, conventions centers, chambers of commerce and such are also prime locations.

EZ-Digisign uses many of the same software tools of the regular EZ-NetTools plus some special tools for managing and controlling the digital signs. Visit our website dedicated to our digital sign product. Learn More . . .


Advertising on digital signs is easy with EZ-Adnetwork. This network of expanding digital signs uses the EZ-Digisign software. Starting in eastern Idaho, this network is growing,provide greater opportunities to advertise in hotels, gas stations, apartments, and medical centers. Learn More . . .

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Reseller Opportunities

If you are very good at sales or at developing website, you may want to consider getting a reseller account with EZ-NetTools. Resellers receive special pricing. Resellers have access to additional tools for managing multiple accounts. Learn more . . .

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EZ-Business Builders

Starting and maintaining a home based business is hard to do alone. We'll show you how and provide you with powerful tools and great training to make starting and growing your home business easy! Whether you are a stay at home mom, have just gone through a layoff or are just looking for more job security, starting an easy home business can have many rewards. We've help thousands of businesses and we're ready to help you start and grow your home based business the easy way! Visit our website dedicated to EZ-Business Builders. Learn More . . .

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