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Merchant Accounts & Gateways

To process credit cards on a website, there are three services that are necessary, one is included with an EZ-Commerce account type.  The other two services are not provided by EZ-NetTools.  However, we have partnered with a company that can provide these services.

3 Elements of Online Selling

  • Security - First, the website needs to be able to process credit card information securely.  Our EZ-Commerce account type uses the industry standard security protocols to process this sensitive information.
  • Merchant Account - Second, you must have a special bank account for depositing credit card payments.  This accounts is called a merchant account is usually available at most financial institutions.  If you do not want to get one from your own bank, our affiliated organization, EcomMerchants can get one for you.  There will be additional monthly fees for a merchant account.
  • Credit Cart Gateway - Third, you will need a credit card gateway that acts as conduit for credit card information between your website and your merchant account. is the largest credit card gateway and the only such service that will work with EZ-NetTools.  There are number of companies that are resellers of services.  Our affiliate, EcomMerchants can help you get an service.  There will be additional monthly fees for an gateway service.

Alternative Method

You can also use PayPal as a method to accept payments on your EZ-NetTools account.  For information about the pros and cons of using PayPal, call our sales consultant at 888-627-4780.

Services Provided

Merchant accounts take about 24 hours to set-up. Authorize.Net gateway services typically take less that 1/2 of a business day to activate.

Fee Schedule

Sign up fee for BOTH merchant account and gateway.
One Time Sign up fee $199.00

Sign up fee for EITHER Merchant Account or gateway, individually.
One Time Sign up fee $149.00

Monthly fees - Merchant account

Discount                2.5%
Per transaction     $.35
Statement fee       $10.00
Monthly minimum  $25.00


Monthly fees - Gateway

Per transaction      $.25
Gateway access    $30.00

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Merchant Account/ Gateway Application

To apply for a merchant account and/or a gateway, fill out the form below and a representative will contact you. 
You may also call us at 888-396-9372 and speak with a sales consultant.

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