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Cancel EZNetTools Products and Services

We are sorry to see you go.  Regardless of why you are here, we are sorry. We understand that sometimes businesses need to go their separate paths. This page explains the process for canceling your EZ-NetTools account.

To cancel your account we need the following:

  1. If you owe us money, we will not cancel your account. All amounts owed to EZ-NetTools should be paid and your account current. Your account Can Not and Will Not be canceled until the balance on the account is zero. If we are in the middle of designing and developing your web site, see additional refund restrictions below. 
  2. Your request for cancellation must be in writing. You can use the form below, send us an email, a fax, or a letter to meet this requirement. We are not trying to be difficult, but we need some documentation other than a phone call for our records. We have had cases where partners, spouses, or former employees have tried to seek revenge by messing up the other party’s EZ-NetTools account. We need something tangible before we can discount service. 
  3. Accordingly, we need verification that you have authority to cancel an account. Therefore, your written communication to us needs to include the following information.
    • Your account number. Our original correspondence and all subsequent billings have your account number. Your account number will begin with an "X" and have 6 numerical digits. 
    • The password to your account. If you cannot remember your password, you can have it emailed to the primary email address on the account by going to the log on page ( and selecting the “Forgot your password” link. 
    • Your name 
    • Email address 
    • Phone number
  4. While not required, we appreciate your feedback on our products and service, and any suggestions you might have for improvement.
Warning: We periodically purge all of the information on canceled/deactivated websites.  After that happens we are not able to recover any information from your account.

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Cancellation Form

Your account MUST have a balancing owing of $0.00 (zero) before the account will be canceled. If the account balance is not current, it will not be canceled and will continue to accrue monthly charges.
You can fill out the cancellation request form below and if there is a balance owing on the account, someone from the accounting department will contact you via email.
If you need immediate assistance or have any questions, please call EZ-NetTools directly at 1-800-627-4780.

Your account number will begin with an "X" followed by six digits. We cannot cancel your account without an accurate account number.

* Account Number:
* Password:
* Name:
* Phone:
Reason for Cancelling:

If you have additional questions, contact our accounting office.

Fax: 208-356-4969
Address: 238 E 3000 N, Rexburg, ID 83440
Phone: 208-356-8361.

Canceling a web design and development project.

Cancellation requests received within three business days of the date of the signed contract will receive a full refund.

For cancellation requests between 3 and 90 calendar days, the refund amount will be computed as follows:

  • An automatic cancellation fee of 15 percent will be deducted.
  • Any work we have performed on the project will be deducted at the rate of $65 per hour.

Cancellation requests received 90 calendar days after the date of the signed contract will not receive a refund.