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Replay Animation

Custom Animations

modern mobile-friendly animations for your website

Looking for some extra "pop"?  Our designers can  create custom animations to give your website some extra flair.

The above animation is powered by a javascript library, and is a good example of what is possible on modern browsers.  Please note that the above animation does not work in Internet Explorer 8 or older. 

What about Flash animation?

Flash was once the most popular way to bring animation to the web. However flash doesn't work with many mobile devices (like iphones or ipads).  When people visit a flash-based website on a mobile device, it simply doesn't work.

With modern techniques, the website should work for everyone.  The animation may not work in old browsers, but you'll still see the content (the most important part).  We call this "progressive enhancement".  It means the website should work for everyone, but the experience is enhanced on modern browsers.

What else can be done?

Lots of stuff!  For example, we can animate this navigation...

Animations can be triggered when you scroll down to a certain point on the page.  These can be used to great effect to help draw the eye, or simply add some life to your website.

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