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Reach customers already looking for your product or service with Google AdWords.

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Benefits of Google Advertising

Get found by the 1.17 billion people that use google (at least some of them).

  • Set Your Budget

    Any Budget

    Set your own budget, from a hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Target Your Ads

    Local or Global

    Target your ads by countries, regions or cities - or within a certain distance from your business.

  • Get People

    Drive Traffic

    Get people to see your website.

  • Have your Business

    Right Person, Right Time

    Have your business seen by people who are ready to purchase.

  • No Visit

    No Visit, No Fee

    If people don't click on your advertisement, you don't pay for the ad.

Google's Reach

88% of all searches happen on Google. That's 3.5 Billion Searches every day!

#1 Reason to do Google Adwords

The main reason businesses choose to advertise through Google Adwords is that they get their business seen by the right people, at the right time. When someone is searching for a product or item, chances are they are interested in that thing. Whether itís carpet cleaning or 3d printed buildings, you can have your business and itís products seen every time by those who are interested. This precision directed marketing can have massive effects upon your market share.

Traditional advertising helps to build your brandís awareness, and recognition. Through Google Adwords, you donít have to be well established. You can be seen amongst the largest of competitors, on an even playing field.

Always be found and pay for your advertising when they visit your site. Donít worry about getting lost in the millions of website, and be found by the right people, when those people are looking for what you offer.

Our Process

Our process is simple and easy to follow. From one step to the next, we will work to get your business seen by who you want, and how you want it.

We'll help you choose the best demographics for your business and tailor your ads just for them.

Our Package Includes...

  • Consultations1 on 1 consultations
  • Audience AnalysisAudience analysis
  • BrandingBranding analysis
  • Professional MonitoringProfessional monitoring
  • Control Over BudgetControl over your budget
  • No Long TermNo long term contracts

EZ-NetTools has been in business for over 30 years. We have been working with people like you to bring results to their online endeavors. We strive to bring success to our customers, business, employees & the community. We have been working in advertising since 1995.

* Search counter is an estimate based on the average 3.5 billion daily searches on Google.
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