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Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Price: $495.00

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Search Engine Optimization ADVANCED Package
The ADVANCED search engine optimization package includes the following services that will be performed on ONE web page.
  • Favicon
  • A keyword analysis will be prepared to determine what are the most effective keywords to be used for the web page.
  • Two versions of the page analysis report, one before the page modifications are done and one after. The first version will help indicate what changes need to be made to the web page. The second version will be generated after the changes have been made as a confirmation of work and as a bench mark for future comparison.
  • Changes will be made to the web page using the analysis report. This will include updating the metatags and changing text on the page as indicated by the report.
  • A site map will be prepared for the web site. The site map is used by search engines to analyze a web site. The site map will be for all pages on the web site, not just the one page being analyzed.
  • A Google Analytics account will be created for the web site and the associated codes will be added to all web pages on the site created using EZ-Pagebuilder and EZCatalog.
  • The page will be submitted to a number of the larger search engines for review and ranking.